UVM student sings among the stars

Who at UVM would you vote most likely to be famous? If you have been catching up on your TV this summer, then you know the safest bet would be sophomore Devon Barley. This past summer, Barley competed against thousands for a record deal on “The Voice,” according to NBC. The show had a blind audition in which celebrity coaches chose singers to mentor. “The audition process was pretty rigorous,” Barley said. “It’s a lengthy process because they’re looking for both talent and personality.” Barley decided to audition with friend and junior Colby Morgan. When Morgan couldn’t audition at the last minute, Barley decided to continue without him, he said. “The concept of basing a show on pure talent aside from superficiality kept me going to try out on my own,” Barley said. One of Barley’s most surreal memories from the show is when he was chosen by Adam Levine of Maroon 5, he said. “I remember sitting in my hotel room after the show lying on the bed thinking, ‘That didn’t just happen,'” Barley said. “It was a good feeling.” Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green — who also wanted Barley for his team — and Blake Shelton were other team leaders, according to NBC’s website.  “The casting part leading up to that point was so tough that it just made everything worth it,” Barley said. Barley made it to the second quarter final round, which is much further than he had anticipated, he said. “Honestly, my expectations when auditioning were just that I was going to get some great advice from people who know what they’re talking about and have an overall great experience,” Barley said. “That’s it.” Though he may not have won the whole thing, Barley says that he has set in motion plans to continue his music career. “I’ve flown back and forth to do a few demos, most recently for Diggi Simmons and B.o.B. I’ve also been working with a producer to come out with a few singles so I can keep the solo career thing alive,” Barley said. The pre-med student has not abandoned his studies he said, somehow managing to balance being in the Top Cats, flying to Los Angeles to work on his solo career and being in school, all at once. “I’ve never questioned music being a part of my life but having it be the only thing in my life was something that I never considered until after the show,” Barley said. “I was always focused on getting my degree, and I still am.” Although he may have come out of the experience one semester behind and without having been crowned as “The Voice,” Barley said he has no regrets. “The one thing I want to say is that if anyone has an opportunity to do something that they love, do it or you’ll regret it forever,” he said. “I’m at least a semester behind because of the show but I’ve never been happier knowing that I went for it.”