UVM students get down at Snoe.down

For music lovers, the weekend encompassing March 24-27 was quite the opportunity to let loose and indulge in their vices. Students throughout Burlington packed up their belongings, piled into cars and set sail for a weekend of light shows, music, friends and good vibes. Popular music festival Snoe.down took place in Rutland, with a prominent UVM presence. “This was my second year attending Snoe.down,” sophomore Grace Hawkins said. “There was a large UVM presence in the under 21 crowd. Everywhere I turned I could see someone I knew.” Snoe.down is a four-day-long event including two days of Moe. and other artists such as Keller Williams, Lotus, Ryan Montbleau Band, The Brew, Caravan of Thieves, Assembly of Dust, Dangermufin, The London souls, Timbre Coup, Lucid and Frank Viele & the Manhattan Project. Twiddle was also included in the lineup, but different tickets were required to attend the show, upsetting many Twiddle fans. “Keller played before Moe. the first night and he was really awesome,” Hawkins said. “Lotus I have never seen before and they blew my mind. All of Rutland was taken over by Moe. fans, Further fans, Phish fans. We met a lot of really great people.” The event, sponsored by Magic Hat, was held in a hockey arena and divided into sections based on age. Those who were under 21 had to stand behind glass opposite the stage while those over the legal drinking age were permitted on the stadium floor along with a large amount of Magic Hat to consume as they pleased. “People were leaving because they were so upset with the seating,” first year Haley Blair said. “You could hear a lot of complaints. Overall the festival was only good because Moe. is so good.” On the other side, many students who accepted the seating said they had a wonderful time and enjoyed the experience. “If you go with the flow and enjoy the fact you’re seeing Moe. then it was really awesome,” Hawkins said. “No use in complaining if you’re under 21.” In addition to the strict seating arrangements, the security level was said to be over the top by many who attended the event. “It was more like two nights of Moe. at Higher Ground — you definitely did have to worry about being kicked out,” Blair said.  Security guards were seen dressed in Grateful Dead shirts in order to blend into the audience. “A lot of the security was apparently the UVM bus patrol,” Hawkins said. “There were great vibes all around and I definitely love having the festival so close to UVM. I hope the location doesn’t change for next year, but I definitely hope the security calms down.” The event was very beneficial for the Rutland economy. Hotels were said to be booked solid within a 30-mile radius. Taxis were difficult to come by due to the high demand; restaurants were actively being used, Hawkins said. Though there may have been some upsets among the underage audience, the general consensus was that the feel-good music they came for was delivered, and delivered very well.