UVM’s The Flo: Local Favorites Gaining Support

Where do college bands start out? In dark grungy basements where the crowd could care less about who’s playing as long as there is a steady beer supply. There will always be a few UVM students who will love a band solely because they are playing live music – regardless of their talent. A band shows undeniable talent when they are able to engage a crowd of people unfamiliar with them and their music.

This was the case on Saturday night where, at a nameless location, The Flo rocked the party. By the end of the show they had the crowd completely focused on them and when the set ended everyone went crazy.

The Flo is a band consisting of five UVM sophomores: Adam Morrison on bass from the greater Philly area, David Chez on guitar from Chicago, Logan Sena on guitar from western Massachusetts, Zack Burwick on drums/percussion from Shrewsbury, Mass. and Alan Bullock on drums/percussion from Chicago. They formed last year, and have played many times this year at places like: Slade Hall, Marsh-Austin-Tupper, Wing-Davis-Wilks, and he fraternity, AEP.

When Morrison was asked to describe The Flo’s music he simply said “Rock”.

Their musical influences include Phish, Pink Floyd, Primus, and especially each other. The sound they are trying to create is uniquely theirs. They like to jam but they don’t feel they fit the label of a “jam band”. They mix it up, using different sounds in different songs. Saturday night they opened up with a song that had break beat drums underlying funky bass and guitar grooves, and was aptly named “Funky Peppers”.

The Flo has around 15 original songs to date and play a variety of covers as well. David and Logan have written most of the band’s songs with a few being collaborative efforts. On Saturday night they covered Pink Floyd’s “Time” which was a crowd favorite.

“Covers are a lot of fun, it’s another way for us to mix it up and give the crowd something unexpected; our favorite cover is ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ by the Beatles,” said Morrison.

At this point the members of The Flo are not looking for fame or fortune they are simply doing what they love.

“Our motivation for the music is the same. We all love the music, its more than playing for people we just love playing music,” said Morrison of The Flo’s motivations.

Their goal for the immediate future is to become tighter as a band with a more cohesive sound utilizing two drummers, Alan and Zack, who alternate between percussion and drums.

They also wish to get gigs at bars and clubs downtown but have enjoyed playing on campus and at parties. They have no dates yet for future gigs, but keep an eye out for fliers on campus and he next time you start bobbing yur head to a great live sound, it might be The Flo.