We are Scientists = We are Reproductions

p>The three guys from Southern California follow in the footsteps of retro bands like The Killers and Interpol. Although, unlike The Killers and Interpol, listening to their album is like listening to a rock opera, it’s one very long song about drinking to get over a girl.

With its mod overtones and wannabe-British feel, “We are Scientists” is a great example of a straight-from-the-assembly-line product – they found out what kind of music was selling and remade it.

It’s dance music that’s slightly too slow to dance to and at the same time, it’s slow rock, that’s a little too fast to hold a lighter to. They jump around, kick their legs and shake their heads because it’s the only movement that goes with the beats. It’s not completely un-danceable but there might have to be a minor loss of self-image and inhibitions going along with it.

The band describes themselves as “A three-tusked mastodon. A triple Mohawk. A flight from New York to L.A. with three layovers.” If a mastodon with three tusks looked like it would be scared of a spider then, ok, they are a malformed mastodon.

As far as a Mohawks go, they should be saved for the British punks in Trafalgar Square and people who look like they were in the movie SLC Punk, wearing clothes that figuratively say “I want to be part of the Sex Pistols.” Finally, no band should ever compare themselves to a layover, or three for that matter. Layovers aren’t the best experience in the world and saying that about your own band might be detrimental to your band’s success.

When listening to their music it’s as if the words could be sung out loud by a crowd of people who have never heard them before – it’s that familiar. However, not much can be said about their music because, to comment on their music would be to comment on the entire genre of mod-indie-club-rock. Let’s just say, it’s been done.