Website brings live music scene into the digital age

Burlington is widely regarded as a focal point of music and arts, not just in the state of Vermont, but throughout New England. The concert scene is a vital part of Burlington nightlife, and it is one that manages to showcase well-known acts in a diversity of styles, along with a variety of local acts, each with their own loyal following. Yet for people that are not familiar with Burlington’s nightclub scene, it can be difficult to find events that interest them, much less events that they can even get into if they are under 21 years of age. Seven Days is one way to get weekly club listings, and the multitudes of random flyers seen throughout the city are another source of event information. Yet in today’s hi-tech and fast-paced world, a quick and fully interactive way to find concerts is beneficial, if not required, for many people. acts to serve this purpose. was created in early February by Jordan Rosenberg, a longtime Burlington resident, as a “One-Stop-Shop for Burlington’s live local music scene,” according to the website.     The website features over 30 venues, ranging from larger music halls such as Higher Ground and the Flynn Theatre, to smaller venues such as Nectar’s and Club Metronome and even pubs or restaurants like Ri Ra’s or Radio Bean. Essentially, the site acts as an interactive listing of Burlington’s musical events. Upon entering the website, one is immediately greeted by a listing of the evening’s events that includes the venue, artist, age restriction, cost and the time at which the event starts. By clicking on an artist’s name, one is brought to an artist profile that contains a brief description of the artist, as well as links to his or her home page. The site also includes an ever-growing list of artists that have played in Burlington, with accompanying profiles, as well as a listing of the entire month’s events. As it stands, is a great way for concertgoers to find activities, but Rosenberg doesn’t plan on resting on that note. He wants to have the venues themselves become a part of the site by updating their own information in case of sudden changes, he said. Furthermore, while has a small photo section Rosenberg eventually hopes to showcase concert photos from photographers around Vermont, Rosenberg said. “Burlington is a very artistic town full of musicians, artists and photographers. Why not bring these artists together in a medium in which they can share their work?” he said. Ultimately, Rosenberg’s goal is to help people  enjoy Burlington’s concerts, while at the same time trying to expose people to new venues and artists that they otherwise might not have heard of. “People can easily get caught up routines, and what [] offers is a chance to discover something new — a new hangout spot or a new favorite band. It’s all about breaking out and trying new things,” Rosenberg said. For recently arrived first-years, regular concertgoers and music buffs, provides one way to dive headfirst into Burlington’s vibrant music scene.