WRUV hosts live music in their D.C studio

WRUV, UVM’s student-run radio station since 1955, is well-known both on and off campus.

What fewer people may know is that the station features two central programs outside of normal DJ hours.

WRUV is home to two weekly shows that are centered around live music, “Exposure” and “Drive-Thru.”

“WRUV Exposure” is quite established, its first session having aired in 1983, said senior Mike Mendelson, WRUV business director.

Different musicians from the Vermont or Plattsburgh area performs live in the WRUV studio every Wednesday from 6-8 p.m.

The show is meant to promote the local music scene and works in collaboration with UVMtv to extend their reach through a video medium, said senior and Public Relations Director Eli Coretti.

Sophomore Chief Operator Taylor Kracher and junior Katey Beaton, members of the “WRUV Exposure” team, are in charge of managing the show’s social media platforms as well as booking local musicians to play at the station.

“WRUV Drive-Thru” is new to the station, as it was started this year by seniors Mendelson, Coretti and former Chief Operator Max Levine.

“We wanted to do do something different from Exposure. We’re all big fans of KEXP, Audiotree Sessions, Tiny Desk, etc. We wanted to do something that modeled off of what those programs have done,” Mendelson said. “Also, we have this great space, and are connected with most, if not all, of the venues in Burlington, so we figured why not use our connections to bring in some bigger-name national talent?”

“Drive-Thru” is dedicated to touring artists, and works to bring them into the studio either before or after shows played in the greater Vermont area. Running the program requires communication with artists much further in advance than for “Exposure,” and is still very much developing, Coretti said.

“We really wanted it to be professional and be a smooth experience for [the artist], so we were all really stressed out,” Mendelson said. “There were multiple times that I thought we were going to blow it.”

The first “Drive-Thru” session aired Jan.

“‘Drive-Thru,’ or any in-station performance or interview has the opportunity to be a much more personal experience for the listener,” said sophomore Will Cottiss, current music director and incoming director of “Drive-Thru.”

Sophomore Cal Weathers will be helping to spread the word about “Drive-Thru’s” by making high-quality videos of touring artists’ in-studio performances. The first video went live on Facebook April 6, and features the Boston-based band Palehound.

“The first time I was in the station for drive-thru was when Palehound gave an incredible performance for the few of us watching and for everyone listening on air,” Cottiss said. “I’m excited to be a part of that opportunity to introduce Burlington to a new band or artist, or at least let them hear the band in a new way.”

Some other artists featured on “Drive-Thru” have included Los Angeles-based bands Hand Habits and Ozomatli, Brooklyn-based Uni Ika Ai and Philadelphia-based Low Cut Connie. Drive-Thru airs on Thursdays from 2-4 p.m.