A guide for how to craft the perfect resume


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Although most students are in their element and have settled into their normal routine of the school year by now, it’s also the point at which bank accounts begin to dwindle.

Wallets are worn out from indulgences in concerts, brunches and off-campus lunches.

Few fund their own college educations, but often are responsible for financing extra expenses.

So, it’s time to find a job.

Whether a student is applying for a first job or internship or is a veteran employee, there is one aspect of the process that is inescapable: crafting a resume.

Here are some tips from experts to help make a resume shine:

Keep it clean:

When applying for a job, chances are an employer will be looking at multiple resumes.

Thus, if a resume is disorganized or hard to read, there is a chance that it will be thrown to the bottom of the pile.

“There are multiple things that make a resume good,” junior Bri Ball, a career peer mentor, said.

“To name a few, the way a resume is formatted should be clear, consistent and visually appealing.”

Many word processing programs like Pages and Microsoft Word have templates which can be used to build a kick-ass resume.

Online templates can also make a resume stand out in a pile.

Keep it relevant:

Ball recommends only putting information relevant to the job on a resume.

For example, if a student  is applying to a marketing internship at an agency in New York City, the employer most likely won’t care about summer lifeguard experiences.

Even if a student does not have much experience in a field, previous experience from classes relevant in the field that they are applying to are more helpful than past jobs with no connection, says Ball.

“It is important that the context has relevancy to the particular job a student is applying for and that the student is really representing their strengths,” Ball said.

Use your resources:

The Career Center offers many resources to make resume-building easy and successful.

The Career Center’s Resume Basics workshop takes place on Thursdays from 4:15 p.m. to 5 p.m. and is designed for resume beginners.

“At this workshop you will learn what a resume is and its value in the real world, what to, or not to, include, etc.,” Ball said.

The Hub on campus offers drop-in hours that any student may attend.  

The drop-in meetings are short 15 minute appointments where a student can get help from a Career Peer Mentor to fix up a resume and get any help or advice.

Look it over once, twice and over again:

Just like an essay, it is important to look over a resume to catch any mistakes that may have been made during the writing process.

 “One common mistake students often make is not proofreading their document,” Ball said.

“You definitely do not want to have grammatical errors be the reason an employer turns you away after perfecting everything else.”

Giving a resume to friends, roommates, siblings, parents or anyone else is a helpful way to get a second pair of eyes on it.

Another resource on campus for students to utilize in writing resumes is the Writing Center, which is located on the first floor of Bailey Howe Library.resume-graphic