A journey up the pinnacle

mountains-callinOnce fall rolls around, the leaf peepers come to town and some UVM-ers hit the mountains.

“[My favorite part of hiking in the fall is] the colors of the leaves, because it’s summer year round where I come from,” senior Meghan Egan said.

“The temperature is also nice because I’m not dying from heat exhaustion.”

While everyone has their favorite mountain to climb, one of the less frequented areas is Stowe Pinnacle.

In comparison to some mountains in the area, Stowe Pinnacle is not as difficult and can be tackled easily in a day, according to find&goseek.com.

“The Stowe Pinnacle Trail is relatively short but steep, with a bald open summit from which you can see the Green Mountains to the west,” according to the site.

I hiked the mountain for the first time this summer.

Getting to the mountain is not much of a challenge, even if you do not have a car at your disposal.

A great resource for students to get to the mountain is Carshare Vermont, a less expensive option that grants students access to Vermont hikes.

My favorite part of the hike was midway up the trail, when we found a teepee-like structure with a whole set up inside.hiking-options

Someone had left behind books, a pillow and a blanket in the tent.

A couple who was coming down said the summit was a great place for couples and the views were “so worth the hike.” Lovers and romantics take note.

Once I got to the summit, I understood what they meant.

Even though it was flat, small and mostly rock, it was surrounded by trees, making it the perfect view for the changing leaves.

The hike took us about five hours total.