A narrative of a full day devoid of animal products

I want to start off by saying I love cheese, more than is healthy for me. Which is why this week’s experiment was such a sacrifice for me.

I followed a vegan diet for one day this past week. Of course, the day that I couldn’t have cheese or chocolate had to be the day people were giving away free pizza and chocolate in the Davis Center. Walking to class was basically torture.

Beyond that, veganism wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. Most of the things I ended up eating are all things that I eat on a regular basis. I just made sure to pick things without milk, eggs or meat.

I also had to watch out for some sneaky additives among the ingredients. My vegan friend said there are some common ingredients to look out for if you are vegan. The big ones are casein (milk protein), confectioners’ glaze (made from bugs) and I-cystein (made from feathers).

There are also some ingredients that could be made from either animal or plant material, such as lactic acid and glycerin.

For breakfast, I had oatmeal. I eat oatmeal every morning, so no big difference there. For lunch, I had a salad, hummus and carrots; the only thing different about this meal was the noticeable absence of cheese on said salad.

For dinner, I had a black bean burger, an avocado and a coconut milk popsicle. I don’t have black bean burgers a lot, but if I’m buying frozen burgers I tend to choose veggie or black bean over beef burgers, which I find gross.

Veganism was a bit more expensive than a conventional diet, but that was mostly because I splurged on the popsicles.

I enjoyed following a vegan diet for a day. It felt cleaner, in a way, than the way I typically eat. However, I can hear the hunk of Cabot cheddar in my fridge calling my name and Lord knows I am not strong enough to resist temptation anymore.