A ‘Pebble’ you’ll want to share

A Single Pebble is an upscale Asian restaurant, and well aware of it.

The lighting is dim and waiters and waitresses give off a sophisticated air, creating a more formal atmosphere.

This is the place that springs to mind when you ask locals where to find gourmet Asian food.  It was named “The Best Restaurant in Vermont” by Vermont Magazine, and has a well deserved reputation.

Pictured is a dish from A Single Pebble
Pictured is a dish from A Single Pebble PHOTO BY RYAN THORTON

I decided to have my birthday dinner there with a couple of friends, paid for by my parents, and was very happy with my decision.

The first thing you’ll notice when sitting down is the lazy susan, or revolving tray, on the table. At A Single Pebble, dishes are meant to be shared, creating a unique dining experience.  Food is spun around the tray, allowing everyone taking small portions.

I’m not the best at sharing, especially with food, but everything we ordered was equally delicious so it wasn’t a problem. We did have a vegetarian with us so we made sure to order a couple vegetarian options, which were plentiful on the menu.

The first thing we ordered was oolong tea which was brought out in a cast iron teapot.  I’m a big tea fan and this was good tea; loose leaf and not bitter.  I liked that they continue to let it steep at the table.

After going through the menu a couple of times we each decided to order a number of dishes.

IMG_6509 copy
Pictured is a dish from A Single Pebble PHOTO BY RYAN THORTON

These included potstickers, chicken dumplings, lemon sesame shrimp, five-star anise tofu, copper well noodles (named for the color of the sauce) and vegetable fried rice.

My favorites were the chicken dumplings and the lemon shrimp.

You could tell that they use quality ingredients here because of a freshness that each dish possessed, especially when it came to meats.

The fried rice also stood out as better than its typical American fast food counterparts. It wasn’t overly oily and the vegetables were crisp. I also decided to give warm sake a try since I was turning 21, but it wasn’t my favorite due to its sweetness.

A Single Pebble excels at flavor, using just the right amounts of spice in each dish. It was nice for us to discuss the food with each other since we were all eating the same things.

I would definitely recommend this for a time when someone else is paying, but the experience is worth it.