A slice of paradise dished by Glammas

WRUV has two veritable treasure troves of sass and questionable wisdom in the form of the Glammas: DJ Honey aka Clara Flaherty, and Mama Bear aka Kylie Schulze.

The duo donned matching cowboy hats as they threw down what their Glamma experience has taught them about childrenÕs music, Sharon van Etten concerts, and the Jonas Brothers.

If youÕre looking for some new rock, or child tunes, check out their show ÒGlammas in ParadiseÓ Thursdays from 6-8 p.m.

Cynic: So, what kind of music do you usually play?

Mama Bear: We play a whole smorgasbord, a smear on a platter if you will. We dabble in more of the rock genre, and Honey here is more into the blues.

Honey: I like my hip hop if IÕm feeling, hmmÉ

M: Saucy.

H: Yes, saucy, but usually its just honey in your soul.

M: Or occasionally some kidÕs songs if weÕre feeling weird.

Cynic: Do you have a favorite album from this year?

M: IÕve really enjoyed the new Foxygen album. ItÕs pretty cool.

Cynic: When did you start DJ-ing and when did your show start?

H: Well, we have a history, we got a lotta history. Freshmen year we met and were friends and it was love at first sight. We wanted to do the radio station and decided to get into it sophomore year together, then Kylie left me second semester, and I left her junior year but now weÕre back.

M: Now weÕre back and stronger than ever. We needed some time apart but now weÕre back, streaming some love through our airwaves, a really steady stream.

H: ItÕs a flow.

M: So this is our second show together, itÕs part deux of the Glammas if you will.

Cynic: Do you play the same sort of stuff this semester, or have you switched it up?

M: ItÕs always been a pretty strange mix. The kids music has gotten a bit stronger this semester.

H: Mama Bear works with kids now, so I think itÕs a subconscious thing. She needs them around at all times.

Cynic: Have you been to any concerts this year?

H: We went to Sharon van Etten together, what a lady she is.

M: She dedicated a song to you. It was probably one of the greatest moments of my life.

H: She called out an audience member and pointed to me, and she dedicated a song to me and then I freaked out and proceeded to turn bright red and sweat a lot.

Cynic: HowÕs being PR Director?

M: IÕm actually stepping down right now; itÕs my transition week so thatÕs pretty sad. Basically I handle all the PR announcements, make sure theyÕre FCC appropriate and all. I make fun posters, and I pick the DJs of the month, which is fun. I get to make people feel special.

Cynic: Do you have a guilty pleasure band?

H: We have a mutual guilty pleasure.

M: We both love the song Love Bug by the Jonas Brothers. That guitar riff where they just start rockinÕ out, I think I pulled a hamstring.

H: Yeah, I think they should just be called pleasures if you like them. No guilt. Just pleasure. Simple pleasures.

M: Words of wisdom from Honey.

H: Well, we are Glammas, lots of experience.

M: Mud and gravel.

M: Thanks for accepting our weirdness.