A sweet winter respite

It’s cold. It’s close to winter. What better thing to keep you warm than some delicious and creamy hot chocolate? I’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to keep you warm and feeling rejuvenated in downtown Burlington.  1. Uncommon Grounds Coffee and Tea One word: delectable. One cup of hot chocolate from Uncommon Grounds, located on Church Street, will leave you coming back to this hot spot again and again. The price of $1.95 is a nice little bonus. 2. Muddy Waters Whether you’re in the mood for some Dutch hot chocolate or for some spicy Mexican hot chocolate, you can’t go wrong at Muddy Waters, located on Main Street. And of course the woodsy ambience definitely adds to the entire hot chocolate experience.  3. Seattle’s Best at Borders Surprisingly tasty! The hot chocolate at Borders, located on Church Street, is particularly delicious and creamy, a near-perfect concoction. Better yet the price range is just about right at $2.65.  4. Lake Champlain Chocolates  A chocolate lover’s dream come true: the Traditional Hot Chocolate. It’s rich with every sip and reasonably priced at $2.85. Be forewarned, if you aren’t a true fan of chocolate then after a few sips you’ll be ready to move on.  5. Burlington Bay Market Café  Has relatively decent hot chocolate, but not the best out of all choices. The view from the café is great, giving a view of the waterfront. The price is right on at $1.75.