A Vermonter’s spring break in California

Big news: I can start blaring Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” everywhere I go now because over spring break I went to California for the first time.

My family went to San Diego over break. I’m an East Coast girl, and we usually go to Florida for the week, but I have to admit I really enjoyed the West Coast.

I also did a lot of new things while I was there. I drank from a coconut. And by that I mean I watched someone crack open a fresh coconut, stick a straw in it and hand it to me.cali

I was a little dubious at first because I don’t like most of the coconut water you find here in Vermont. But bottled water is nothing compared to sipping fresh coconut water and eating fresh coconut while on a beach, watching a group of hot guys play beach volleyball.

And you know that restaurant that had a baby seal wash up in it? We went to that. It’s called the Marine Room. Recently, this restaurant was in the news for having a seal get stuck inside during high tide one night. It really is right on the beach with the water just a foot or two from the glass windows

Plus, it was storming the morning we went which made the experience even more amazing. The wind was howling and the surf was huge and the rain was lashing the windows and it was the most incredible thing I have ever seen.

It was also one of the scariest — the pictures of the last time the restaurant flooded that were hanging right by the door definitely didn’t instill a lot of confidence in me.

We also went to the San Diego Zoo, which  was probably the highlight of the trip. Partially because I got to see some panda bears.

But mostly because my mother was accosted by a fully aroused male monkey. And I mean fully aroused and proudly displaying it monkey. It was amazing.