A week filled with beauty

The UVM community came together this week to put beauty back in the eye of the individual.

Several UVM organizations, including the Women’s Center, LGBTQA, Inter-Residences Association and the African, Latino(a), Asian and Native American Student Center to name a few, teamed up to bring Beauty Week to campus March 30-April 8, according to week’s Facebook page.

“Beauty Week’s mission is definitely to spread the word about beauty and just realize that we are all beautiful in our own way,” said junior Isora Lithgow, who is part of Alianza Latina, an on-campus organization that was involved with events. Lithgow said that the week is an amazing opportunity for students to come out and learn something new.

Maria Teixeira, coordinator for programming and leadership development at the Women’s Center, said that the goal is to highlight harmful beauty standards that affect our society and impact women and girls as well as men and boys every day.


“It is a radical act of self-love and an act of speaking out and up for those among us who are silenced, marginalized and harmed by a standard that ranges from unrealistic, a lie, at best to outright abusive,” Teixeira said.


“Beauty standards or stereotypes affect all communities in different ways.” said Becky Swem, education and outreach coordinator at the LGBTQA center. Events were held throughout the week, including a student panel and a “Radical Runway” event.

“We’ve had tabling, a student panel on beauty and an open mic night” said first-year Dawn Plomp, who is a work study student at the Women’s Center. Dawn said that there will also be a “Gender Code” event April 8 which will explore gender expression.