Alum publishes on life as an ad man

Bill Solemene, a UVM alum, recently published the book “Challenges of An Ad Man,” detailing his life and experiences in the advertising business, according to a press release. “I felt I could offer to some ad biz wannabees, some idea that success in the ad business could be done despite the odds,” Solemene said. “That with some advertising case histories, ad tips coupled with some entertaining stories, I felt I could motivate young people on their way.” After deciding on a career in advertising, he said he took classes with professors who inspired him to be better and study more. However, before graduating in 1961, Solemene left UVM and joined the Vermont Air National Guard his junior year of college. “The Air Force with its training not only in ??ying but in the brie???ng/class room taught me many complex subjects,” he said. “But most of all how to learn and be better than the other fellow to get ahead and promoted.” Solemene said this training and his own ambition drove him further in his career, which grew and eventually helped him reach his goal of opening his own agency. “I have lived a full life, done a lot of things: surveyor in construction, an entrepreneur, an air force career … but mainly my career in advertising and creating successful selling campaigns for my clients was the most satisfying,” he said. Students who are interested in going into a career in advertising, they should have a vision and a desire, Solemene said. He said to study the business outside of the classroom by participating in media clubs while in school. “Do 2 percent more than the others,” he said. “Have a sense of urgency, be creative and most of all, don’t be afraid of making a mistake. But if you do, be prepared to fix it fast, with a smile.” Solemene said he has learned much from his life experiences and shares them in “Challenges.”