An experience of trying to study abroad senior year

During this current semester or in the spring, the most organized and put-together of the junior class will be studying abroad.

Those who usually think ahead and manage to keep up with deadlines were able to start their study abroad applications and have them turned in during their sophomore year.

But for those juniors, like me, who were still somehow getting lost on campus as sophomores, or who were starting with new intro classes each semester, the study abroad process starts now.

This process so far has included massive amounts of social media stalking of friends who are currently abroad and consequently having a small amount of faith sparked that something similar may lay in my near future.

I’ve also stumbled upon those kids who decided to take a gap year between high school and college and are super cool, and browsed random websites that somehow promise a trip to Tokyo with no previous Japanese language skills necessary.

Which, when brought up in the study abroad meeting with my advisor, was quickly scoffed at and swiftly swept aside with a pamphlet for European universities. At the end though, it ended in a good chuckle and an agreement for me to come back with some “other ideas” and a promise that I’d actually make a solid plan for this next fall break.

For any sophomores who are reading, start considering study abroad now. Then, you can go at a normal time when you don’t have to pretend studying abroad will be purely academic and then you can finally study in Barcelona, just like everyone else.

For juniors who haven’t planned any of this out, all is not lost. In fact, you get to look forward to a senior year of studying abroad and then heading straight for graduation.