Art dept. offers sketching

Art students had the opportunity to figure draw in Williams room 416 April 5, allowing art students to practice and sketch with their peers in a no pressure setting.

The lights were all turned off, and four spotlights shined on the platform.

Model Laura Dame struck her first of many poses for the night.

The students lined their pencils, plugged in their headphones and were ready to begin.

Dame has modeled for more than 25 years, beginning her career in Chicago dressed in robes her friend had painted, she said.

As a performing artist in Burlington, Dame said nude modeling is only one of her many interests, which range from poetry to rock operas.

She said she loves being still and modeling allows her to meditate, zone out and relax.

Dame said she also enjoys making students happy by giving them the opportunity to draw her.

“It’s just part of my life,” she said during a quick interview before her next pose began.

“I love my body and I take care of my body because I know I make a living with it…” Dame said, “but having a job which is dependent on your fitness and health can be tolling both emotionally and physically.”

Junior and studio art minor Bri Rubin said the drawing sessions always gets her in the zone.

“It’s cool how the more I do it the easier it becomes,” Rubin said.

“I tend to draw naked ladies from my imagination a lot so this probably helps those look more proportionate and whatnot” she said.

These figure drawing classes give art students a place to practice and experiment with their art.

Dame uses her body as an instrument for her own art

“I’m comfortable being nude, I am a performing artist,” she said.

“ It’s not like i have any hangups about it,” Dame said.

Her willingness to share her body allows UVM art students to create their art.

“I feel like I’m doing a good thing,” she said.