Ate02: Seniors run Burly food blog

Three women take trendy food blogs to a new level


Alex Shannon, Staff Writer

If there’s a new food trend, a must-try recipe or restaurant opening, it can be guaranteed that the three girls of Ate02 will have it covered.

The Ate02 brand was originally created solely as a punny Instagram account by UVM seniors Vanessa Anderson, Madison Kennedy and Alissa Petinge during the summer of 2016, they said.

“If we’re going to be honest here, we started Ate02 because we needed to find a way to find free food,” Kennedy said.

“All these bloggers were posting pictures of food and not having to pay for it, we knew that Burlington’s a great food city, so we thought that we could probably spearhead this movement.

Eventually it turned into something more, she said.

The team launched their own website in October, as a way to share recipes, reviews and interact with followers more easily, Kennedy said.

Ate02 also took part in an Instagram takeover this fall, where they had control of content on Health. Beauty. Fitnesses.’s Instagram for a weekend.

Their takeover of the popular health website gained Ate02 over 300 followers during that time, Kennedy said.

However, when it comes down to what Ate02 really stands for, all three team members shared similar feelings: Ate02 is an outlet to share a passion for food with one another, but also with their friends and peers.

“The response from my peer group has been one of the best things, which is so so awesome; my heart is full and warm,” Anderson said.

What Petinge loves the most about Ate02 is that all three team members are able to express their different cooking styles and food preferences in a collaborative way.

“We all have different styles of cooking and our views about food vary greatly, but being able to combine all of our contrasting skills leads to recipes that are unconventional and dope,” Petinge said.

Senior Jules Lubner, a follower of Ate02, likes the account’s commitment to high quality food that is healthy and tastes good, she said.

“Their creativity, motivation and ability to cook not only delicious meals, but food that looks good, tastes good and is made from whole ingredients makes them eligible to be the next Martha Stewart,” Lubner said.

They strive to eat 80 percent plant-based and create recipes that are wholesome, hearty and healthy, to support the wellbeing of the planet, according to Ate02’s website.

These aspects of the brand largely attracts followers, like Lubner.

“I love being in the kitchen; I’m a huge baker and I’m always trying new things,” Lubner said. “Their easy, heart-healthy recipes let me enjoy dessert guilt-free.”

The team produces about two new recipes a week on average, Anderson said.

Whether it is a recipe, restaurant recommendation or drool-worthy food photo, there is something for everyone.

Senior Lindsay Sweet, who closely follows Ate02, is attracted to their unique style and how they portray each of their own voices with their content, she said.

“I love how they’re so authentic and they show each of their individual fun

personalities, and they’re always trying new things,” Sweet said.

The Ate02 team is not quite sure about where the future will take them and their culinary journey, but if one thing is for certain there passion for food is going to be around for a long time, Petinge said.

“I love how I get to share my unconditional love of food with my friends who I love unconditionally,” she said.