Award-winning author holds UVM book signing

The summer reading assignment for the incoming class of 2019 opened up a conversation surrounding Western and Eastern cultures. 

The novel, “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” by Anne Fadiman, tells the true story of Lia Lee, a young girl who has epilepsy, and the clash between Western and Eastern medical practices that the Lee family experiences as immigrants in Merced, California, according to the Student Life website.

The book was part of the summer reading program for first-year students, according to the Student Life website.

“I thought it did a really good job of highlighting cultural clashes between medical practices,” first-year Rowan Kamman said. “That was something I had known a little about but this book really expanded my understanding,” Kamman said.

First-year Jessica Savage said she liked the book and she found herself questioning Western medicine.

“Once you started really reading and understanding Lia’s story, you got frustrated with Western medicine and started to question what’s right and what’s wrong,” Savage said.

Fadiman spoke at UVM Sept. 15 and held a book signing following the talk.

Fadiman is an English professor at Yale as well as an award-winning author, essayist and editor. “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down” is her first novel, according to the Steven Barclay Agency website.