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For first-year students and otherwise, here’s a rough guide to surviving UVM and enjoying Burlington. First things first, you need a place to live. Whether it’s a crowded, tiny apartment downtown or an even tinier dorm room, here are the sites in Burlington you should check out for cheap furniture and goods.

Recycle North- inexpensive, recycled and unique furniture, plus they deliver- who could ask for anything more?

Home Goods- it’s less expensive than Linens N’ Things or any of the stores in Williston and located in South Burlington so you can walk there.

Pier One- more expensive than the others, but conveniently located right on Church Street Also, there’s always all sorts of sales going on right outside Billings during the beginning of the semester- look for interesting posters, jewelry, etc. and you can bargain for the price.

For a break from campus dining, check out any of the below good eats in Burlington.

Red Onion- yummy cookies and sandwiches.

New World Tortilla- huge burritos and tortillas and very affordable, located on North Winooski.

Burlington Bay Market & Caf?©- down by the lake, good for picnics

Ali Baba’s Kebab Shop- cheap food fast on Main Street (you can also swing by the truck on weekdays outside Williams Hall.)

Kountry Kart Deli- ask for the rise and shiner if you’re hung-over, located near the Flynn Theatre on Main Street.

Stone Soup- good hippie fare and they serve wine & beer too.

Sneakers- in Winooski but worth the drive for weekend brunch.

Trattoria Delia- good Italian food on St. Paul’s Street; good for a date if you don’t mind spending a little money.

Muddy Water’s- cool coffeeshop on Main Street with a relaxed, crunchy feel.

Speeder and Earl’s- get your daily caffeine kick either on Church Street and in the library.

And when you should be doing your homework, here are some cool websites to check out instead. click on the “translate” tool for help with essays due in Foreign Language classes. a comprehensive site for tracking down cheap futons, books, posters, music, freebies- everything you’ll need for your dorm room. like the UVM website but cooler.

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