Ben & Jerry’s widens milk horizons

Vermont’s ice cream icons, Ben and Jerry, want everyone to be able to enjoy their delicious ice cream flavors.bj_vertical

After much prompting from fans and months of development, Ben & Jerry’s has finally revealed the highly anticipated dairy-free ice cream pints for consumers who are vegan or can’t tolerate dairy.  I did a thorough taste test of these four new almond milk based flavors:

Chunky Monkey

I had the original version of this flavor a long time ago, and thought this version tasted exactly the same.

There were plenty of large chocolate chunks and walnuts as well as a smooth banana taste. I’m not the biggest fan of banana in desserts, but the texture and distribution of chunks won me over.   

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

This flavor was very chocolatey but had a slight chalkiness. The chewy brownie swirls were definitely the best part. I’d eat the brownies on their own. This flavor wasn’t as sweet as the other ones, which I liked, but was still rich.

Coffee Caramel Fudge

This one was way too sweet for me. The flavor is pretty much identical to a caramel frappuccino at Starbucks.

The base had a nice coffee flavor but the chocolate chunks were a little too hard and the caramel ribbons were too sugary. This one definitely had a weird almond milk aftertaste and seemed more crumbly than the others.

P.B. & Cookies

Cookies and peanut butter are a combination that’s hard to beat in my book. This was definitely my favorite flavor out of the four.bj_horizontal

The Oreo-like cookies had a nice crunch and the peanut butter swirls brought in a salty-sweet element. This one had the most swirls and chunks, and can definitely compete with any of Ben & Jerry’s conventional flavors.

These four new flavors are sure to appease both hardcore ice cream lovers and those averse to dairy.

While certainly not the first dairy-free dessert on the market, Ben & Jerry’s puts out some competitive entries, and more companies are sure to follow suit in the near future.