Bern and Burton work together

When Burton wanted to do something revolutionary they went to the Bern Gallery for inspiration for the design of their new “Nug” snowboard.   Bern Gallery artists Tito, Jonny K. and Matt Gibson created the image for their Nug snowboard, Burton’s press release for their new “revolutionary” board stated. Matt Gibson is a freelance design artist and worked in collaboration with in-house glass blowers Tito and Jonny K, Michelle Sanders, an employee at the Bern Gallery, said. This Nug snowboard is innovative and unlike any other snowboard by Burton, according to Burton’s website. The Nug allows its rider to downsize eight to 10 centimeters from a normally sized snowboard. The description of the board says that it is agile and easy to handle and the Nug’s width, flex profiling and effective edge are all optimized for an entirely new ride that lets riders downsize from a normal stick. Even though the Nug is smaller than a typical board, it can still be used anywhere on the mountain that regular snowboards go. Snowboarder magazine’s website says that the design of the shorter Nug board allows riders to have a fun playful board, with the stability of a longer board. With the launching of a new board as innovative as the Nug, Burton came to the glass artists from the Bern Gallery for a creative and catchy design. The press release for the Nug states that the board features an image of a blown up section of fume work done in-house at the Bern Gallery. Pictures of the Nug show that it comes in three different colors, all featuring the same design of the blown up section of fume work. The color options are blue, green or pink/gold. The top of each of the three boards includes the inscription “Bern Gallery, VT” and underneath that “Tito, Jon Kovach, Matt Gibson.” “Burton Nug” and the size of the board is also included on the top. Images of the snowboard show that “NUG” is written across each of the bottoms of the snowboards. It is written in white bubble-letters outlined in black, large enough to take up almost the entire bottom of the board. The Nug snowboard is currently on display at Burton and the Bern Gallery should be receiving one soon for display, Sanders said.