Bike users unite

UVMs first annual Bike Summit was held Nov. 2 to raise awareness about bike visibility on campus. The Bike Users Group (BUG) had an open discussion for all bike users to share ideas about how to improve bicycle life on campus.

UVM was awarded the bronze medal from the League of American Bicyclists in 2011. This group evaluates universities around the country in order to improve the quality of bicycling in America.

Associate professor Luis Vivanco submitted the application. The University received this award because of the bike friendly options on campus, such as BUG, UVM Bike Share, UVMs nationally ranked cycling team and even the Naked Bike Ride.

Vivanco said he felt strongly about furthering UVMs bicycle community.

Together we have a certain common wisdom and by talking together we can create a vision of where we want to go with biking on campus, Vivanco said. We can build a movement on campus that over the long haul can make a difference.

Senior Lucy Perutz, co-president of BUG, helped organize the event. She has been with the group since its creation three years ago.

We are happy with the bronze recognition, but we still have work to do, she said. For example, we know the UVM Bike Share needs improvement but we need help from the students and the University to figure out a better system.

The participants of the summit split into small groups to discuss what they can do as a community to improve biking visibility, including more bike racks around campus, more bike lanes downtown and a shop on campus to help with bike repairs.

BUG already has a shop in the works that incorporates a learning environment with bike repairs.

Some people attending the summit were members of the group and others were new to BUG.

Burlington is a great place to bike and I want to help propel the bike community on campus, junior Darya Ross said.

Sophomore Simone Bailey said she depends on biking to get around town and is joining BUG to further biking visibility.

I dont have a license I need a bike so I was surprised when I came to UVM and didnt see that many bike lanes downtown, Bailey said. We want to improve the infrastructure of cities to include biking as a legitimate mode of transportation.

To learn more about BUG or get involved, visit