Breakfast delivery service

Students already planning out their munchie meals for this Saturday are likely finding themselves out of luck when it comes to breakfast.

Between Penny Cluse and Henry Street, a city like Burlington has studentsÕ epic cravings covered, if they donÕt mind getting up for it.

But this year, getting served breakfast in bed is an option thanks to UVMÕs Breakfast Delivery Service.

ÒI hate those mornings when you wake up and say Ôholy shit I need breakfastÕ and donÕt want to leave your house or deal with people,Ó said junior Hayden Cleverly, who is one fifth of the delivery service crew. ÒThose are the mornings we are trying to help people avoid.Ó

The service, which Cleverly began last weekend with four friends, currently operates through a Facebook group that has upwards of 150 members.

The project made a profit by shopping in bulk at Costco. They then had a friend divide up the per-unit costs.

ÒWe were surprised that things actually worked out and are excited to continue the project,Ó Cleverly said.

Cleverly said they were tired of the lack of breakfast options downtown.

This inspired them to go through with their idea to make home cooked food that they could deliver to friends and fellow students.

Their menu ranges from pancakesÑ with choices of strawberries, bananas or chocolate chipsÑto breakfast plates equipped with eggs cooked however customer please, and bacon or sausage.

They also offer breakfast sandwiches on bagels and English muffins, as well as a variety of different pastries.

Their menu prices range from $4 to $6, which is cheaper than most breakfast joints in the area, and delivery service is free.

ÒWe take requests and weÕll make your order however you like,Ó Cleverly said.

She said that although some of her friends were hesitant about the project before they started, they have deemed it a success and have decided to gear up for this weekend.

Ultimately, they hope to gain UVM studentÕs seal of approval and continue through the end of the year.

This past weekend sparked only positive feedback on their Facebook page.

ÒBreakfast in bed today was amazingÉyou ladies got it going on! Thanks for delivering such delicious goodies,Ó wrote Haleahy Craven.

The praise did not stop there.

ÒBacon, sausage, egg, cheese, home fries and hash browns all on an everything bagelÉplus the most delicious smoothie IÕve ever tasted in my entire life,Ó wrote David Tinnon. ÒCouldnÕt have asked for more. Worth every penny.Ó

During, last weekend alone the group served over 60 people total. ÒThis weekend, I have no idea. We hope to get to as many as we can,Ó said Cleverly.

This group offers a few recommendations for timely and accurate service.

To order: call or text in advance, preferably one day, to (970-618-6004) or message them on Facebook at Breakfast Delivery Service UVM.

Expect a wait time of 20 to 30 minutes. These girls are busy. They will serve from 9 a.m. and go until about 2 p.m.