Breaking the mid-semester fashion slump

  Where are your spring break plans taking you? To the Caribbean islands, the slopes at Stowe or just hanging out with friends at home? Wherever your break takes you, don’t worry; there are some easy, inexpensive clothing options for everyone.   For those lucky people out there who want a change of weather and are heading down south, go for vibrant colors. Purchasing bright colors at this time of year is perfect because you can wear them until the fall.    Most designers carry spring and summer lines, as well as a 2011 resort line, so try to keep your eyes open for this.   When heading to the resort, make sure your sunnies and a cute hat are within reach. Make sure to layer on the sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.   When hitting the slopes, like most Vermonters do, make sure to layer. Never underestimate the chilling temperatures.   Try a Hot Chili fleece layer underneath a cozy cashmere sweater. For added warmth, throw some boot and hand warmers into your gloves and boots. Your hands and toes will surely be toasty.   For those just relaxing at home with some friends, comfort and cuteness are key. Investing in a cashmere sweater will be the best decision of your life. They can be worn doing almost anything and are softer than any other fabric.   Rather than wearing dreary sweatpants when you’re going to watch a movie with friends. try leggings. They are just as comfy, if not comfier, than sweats but they look cute and show off your body.   If you don’t want to be that girl who wears leggings as pants, wear them with a long sweater that covers your butt.