Bug’n out at first ‘fest’

Bike enthusiasts celebrated the beginning of a new program at their first annual Bikefest last week. The Bike Users Group (BUG) held Bikefest outside of the Davis Center on Sept. 9 in order to promote their new bike share program, Bike Shop Manager Dan Yablonsky. “There was a good turnout,” Yablonsky said. “We worked on 30-35 bikes, sold over 100 burritos and gave out over 20 gallons of ice cream.” The festival included free bike repairs, food, a live DJ, information on BUG’s programs as well as bike-powered milkshakes. The event was an effort from BUG to launch their new bike share program, three years in the making, BUG founder Jesse Luca Simmons said. “Bike Share aims to provide students on Redstone and Trinity with an easy way to get to campus so that we can have a cleaner, greener world with more bikers,” Simmons said. “BUG currently has three bike rack hubs on campus and hopes to expand to five hubs, adding more bike racks to Athletic Campus and outside Waterman,” he said. With 37 bikes currently in the program, BUG aims for bike share to become integrated into the transportation plans of students, Yablonsky said. Some students said they are critical of the program’s bikes and their practicality for getting around UVM and Burlington. “I think that the bikes they have aren’t good for long bike rides and aren’t practical for hills since they have no gears,” first year Ryan Garvey said. “They are more of beach bikes.” BUG has 20 donated bikes that they aim to fix up and release into the program soon, providing a variety of options for students to get around on campus, Yablonsky said.