Burlington tour boasts spooky spots

Burlington has seen many deaths over the years, but some may still be as active as ever. While there are several graveyards in the city, they cannot seem to hold back a few select spirits that roam Burlington. Every Friday and Saturday night at 7 p.m., Thea Lewis and her husband, Roger, host a tour called the Queen City Ghostwalk of the many haunted places of Burlington. The tour meets at City Hall Park, on the steps of City Hall. As the clock strikes seven, Lewis walks towards the tour group in a black cloak and brings the group all around downtown Burlington. The tour includes ???ve designated stops: Ethan Allen Fire House While currently the BCA Art Gallery, this building is haunted by the spirit of Ethan Allen, a local volunteer ???reman who was killed on the job. His spirit is still seen in the building and can be heard walking around. One story describes the elevator moving from the fourth ??oor to the ???rst ??oor late at night and opening to reveal no one in it. Macy’s Department Store Supposedly haunted before it’s opening, many employees claim to see apparitions in various parts of the store. The building was once an elementary school and an all-girl secondary school as well as other department stores. Sighted ghosts include a girl sobbing loudly enough to disturb workers and a man in a top hat who appears in multiple closets across the store. The Pomerleau House Built for Timothy Follett, a famed businessman in Burlington, who went bankrupt and lost the house. It was then bought by his rival. However, his presence is still felt at the house, with workers’ objects being moved around and placed in boxes along with lights often ??ickering on and off. Central Vermont Railway Station Operated for more than 100 years, this railway has seen many workers come through the doors, and even some accidents. One instance in particular involved a young girl who recently started working at the station. She was crossing the tracks when she was struck by a moving train. Legend has it that if you listen closely enough, you can still hear the train whistle and her scream. American Flatbread Company Once a building used to smuggle goods into Burlington and then a restaurant, Carbur’s, the American Flatbread Company reports various strange paranormal activity in the basement where a man committed suicide. Waitresses complain of their skirts being lifted by a cold wind, their hair being pulled and doors closing on them, locking them downstairs. Voices are also heard echoing around the building.