Burlington’s top spots for a pizza slice

Pizza has evolved from its humble beginnings to a new culture all its own. Burlington is home to a variety of great slices ranging from perfectly greasy New York style, to a clay oven-roasted gourmet pie. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there is a perfect pizza for every situation:

PizzaPlate copy

Best Pizza for when you’re out at Bars:

Mr. Mikes

Mr. Mikes is a Burlington gem. It offers big slices for a decent price and the pizza hits the spot when you want something

greasy late at night.

The ambience is nothing special, but the employees are friendly and carry themselves with a lighthearted attitude.

This pizza makes the perfect snack before you head to the next bar, and the price is right too.

They also accept CatScratch, which is super convenient. Having grown up here, I can tell you this is where the locals go.


Best Gourmet Pizza:

Pizzeria Verita

Don’t get me wrong, I love American Flatbread, but Pizzeria Verita has the absolute best gourmet pizza in Burlington. They offer wood-fire roasted Neapolitan pizzas with an array of local meats, fresh cheeses and vegetables.

My favorites are the Melanzana, with roasted eggplant, and the Cherry Amore which is topped with dried cherries, arugula and honey. It’s on the expensive side, but absolutely worth it. I frequently name this as the best pizza I have ever eaten.


Best Traditional Pizza:

Junior’s Downtown

Junior’s has been around Vermont a long time. They offer basic pizza slices as well as calzones, grinders, salads and wings: all your classic Italian fare. You won’t find anything too exciting here, but they know how to do basics well and the portions are a good size.

There’s lots of seating to kick back for a bit and enjoy your slice as well.

The barbecue chicken pizza is superb, if you’re into that.