Caffeine, cycling mix at Maglianero


In cycling, the black jersey is given to who finishes last. This is not a mark of shame, but rather symbolic of someone who might finish last, but who will finish no matter what. Café Maglianero, “black jersey” in Italian, chooses to wear the jersey with pride.  


Located off of Maple Street, quietly nestled in the basement of the JDK Art Gallery, Maglianero is removed from the hustle and bustle of downtown Burlington. 


Maglianero was formed by Michael Jager, the chief creative officer of JDK, as part of his vision to create a place where all walks of life can come together for group-fueled creativity.


Maglianero uses cycling as a symbol for the sustainable community in Vermont, manager Juliet Han said.  


“Cyclists power themselves to work, and we want to harvest that creativity and energy,” Han said. “Cycling is old fashioned but can exist in modern society.  In that way it’s a lot like coffee. I can make you a drink with new high-quality gear, but it’s still made in the same old-fashioned ways.”


The differences between Maglianero and other Burlington cafés are almost blinding.   


It feels more like walking into an art gallery than a café.


There isn’t any clutter nor dim lighting making it hard to see. Tables and chairs have clean lines and large windows allow light to drench the room. 


This simplicity is carried over to their menu. Going with tradition, there is only one size offered for each drink, barista Stanzi Scribner said.  


While this might be traditional, it is a little inconvenient when you’re looking for a large cappuccino to help you through the morning.  


After 11 a.m., a regular cup of coffee is $4. They stop serving drip coffee at this time and switch over to making each cup individually, to ensure the coffee is fresh and not stale. While this is a thoughtful move for our taste buds, it’s not so considerate to our wallets.  


Their food selection is limited to Meyer’s bagels and pastries from Panadero, both local Burlington bakeries.  


All in all, the modern take on tradition is a win for Maglianero