Campus gets a ride home

Imagine itÕs the weekend and youÕre stranded downtown, wallet-less and in need of a lift. Well, there is a new service that can help.

CampusRides is a Òpeer-to- peer,Ó student-run service that gives rides to students in need of a sober driver, according to a press release April 1.

ÒI think itÕs a great that we have this new option for rides on the weekends,Ó junior Sarah Gibson said. ÒItÕs a great way to connect with fellow students.Ó

The program was originally founded at the University of New Hampshire earlier this year by UVM alumnus Avram Niebling, according to the release.

ÒMany college students are still choosing to drink and drive or take a ride with an intoxicated driver,Ó Niebling said.

He said CampusRides tries to Òalleviate this situationÓ by providing a new transportation option.

Alumnus Evan Cassidy recently founded the program at UVM and works as the UniversityÕs team leader.

ÒThe large student population and vibrant night and weekend scene make Burlington an ideal place for a cheap, fast and safe night-time transportation option,Ó Niebling said.

The service, which Cassidy said is still Òvery much a start up,Ó is also offered at UMaine.

ÒItÕs definitely gaining traction at UVM. We have a handful of regular riders already,Ó he said.

Drivers are fellow students or recent graduates and students who have tried the ser- vice said they appreciated the familiarity of student drivers.

ÒThey provide a great service with friendly drivers that make you feel safe,Ó junior Hayley Maynes said.

CampusRides requires no ÒtraditionalÓ cab fare. The pricing is based on tips.

The suggested, yet not required, tip amount ranges from $2 to $3 per person. Riders are ranked based on the tips they have previously given, according to the release. ÒEvery UVM student who is using cab service right now should be using Cam- pusRides,Ó Cassidy said. ÒItÕs cheaper, itÕs easier and itÕs more fun.Ó

The service operates from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, according to the release.

Students in need of a ride can go to on their phones, log in through Facebook and specify when and from where they want a ride, according to their Facebook page.