Challenge for a millenial: spending a day phone free

As a millennial, a technology devotee and an avid Candy Crush player, I use my phone quite frequently. So, I tried giving it up for a day.

Quick disclaimer: I did use my phone as an alarm clock and as a way to time my break at work, since watches are for people who don’t lose every single one they have ever owned. I also sent one text to my mom so she knew I wasn’t ignoring her or dead.

Honestly, it wasn’t as agonizing of an experience as I thought it would be.

There were times when I picked my phone up and started to open the lock screen before remembering my mission and putting it back down.

I thought I would procrastinate less without my phone. I was really hoping that eliminating this form of distraction would mean I got a lot more of my work done.

As it turns out, my procrastination habits are too strong to falter without a phone. At one point, I found myself literally staring at a wall for several minutes instead of doing homework.

So it clearly isn’t just my phone that I can blame for making me stress out over the amount of last-minute work I have to do, although it certainly contributes to the bulk.

I know that for some people, their phone is their life. They can’t imagine going a day without it. And while I certainly couldn’t go more than a day, I think the emphasis people place on the destruction of communication with the advent of the cell phone is untrue.

If anything, going without my phone inhibited communication, more than having my phone does.The only thing I really missed was using the phone to make a call. I got sick a few days before my phoneless experience — and I’m really bad at being sick.

All I wanted to do that night was to call my mom and dad and tell them all about my day and about how I still wasn’t feeling better, and how I wished I could go home and eat soup on the couch. (Which I did anyway, but it’s not the same when you have to heat up the soup yourself.)

Did I feel deprived without my phone for a day? Not really. Did I furiously scroll through Instagram to make sure I didn’t miss anything too exciting the next day? You’d better believe it.