Charlotte talks Intervale

It’s a weekday evening and you’ve arrived home after a full day of classes. You almost fell asleep in your 8:30 a.m. class, you were dying of hunger during your 11:40 p.m., and you were planning your next Netflix binge during your three-hour lab. Now that you’ve finally made it home, the last thing you want to do is run to the grocery store or make a complicated meal.

Sound familiar? It’s time to embrace the cook once, eat all week idea. This semester I’m taking advantage of the Intervale Food Hub. I’ve signed up for the season and each week I will be using the locally sourced ingredients that are delivered to my apartment to make one big meal to last the week.

“This subscription is important because it’s making a commitment to farmers,” said Kendall Frost, director of marketing and outreach, “It’s all about supporting as many Vermont farmers as possible. And the subscription is a great way to form healthy habits and learn to cook.”

Imagine the luxury of coming home and popping a container of leftovers in the microwave. Imagine the joy of not having to clean-up every night. Plus, think how good you’ll feel eating nutritious and locally sourced ingredients.

Some of the Vermont farms that are working with the Food Hub include Burnt Rock Farm in Huntington, Fat Toad Farm in Brookfield and Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, to name a few. And there are different packages for everyone, like the Vermont Vegetable or the Omnivore Package.

“[It’s a] win-win, win for students and farmers,” Frost said.

So rather than wasting your money on takeout or frozen dinners, cook with me!