Chatting with the editors


Sophomore Folena DeGeus: What is the most heartbreaking movie you’ve ever watched?

Stu Laperle, Managing Editor: To be honest, I am not a big movie guy. I have seen the classic tearjerkers  like “The Notebook” and “Titanic”, but I would have to say that the two most heartbreaking movies I have ever watched are “Saving Private Ryan” and “Rudy.” The way Spielberg starts and ends “Saving Private Ryan” at Arlington Cemetery with Tom Hanks speaking as Matt Damon looks on, it gets me every time.

Cory Dawson, Editor-in-Chief: I have to say “Punch Drunk Love.” Disclaimer though, it actually has a really good, heartwarming ending but the main character has an especially sad life.

It’s Adam Sandler’s first serious role. He’s a single man who owns a plunger manufacturing business. He has like five sisters who act like brothers, taunt him and call him “gay boy”. He gets involved with a hooker who has money problems and ends up with canceling his credit cards . He uses frequent flyer miles from a pudding promotion to fly to Hawaii with a woman he just met.

Of course, he falls in love with that woman, but he is visibly uncomfortable with the whole prospect.

The movie is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and is masterfully made, obviously. Adam Sandler is a great choice for the role, I hate to say.

He almost seems too good at this role, as if this is what his life could be like if he was not funny. In fact, since his movies have been doing so poorly and he seems to be getting less and less funny every day … who knows.

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