Chemistry grads bake their way to business

Two former chemistry majors have mixed friendship and passion to create a recipe for CakeIstry, a bakery business started in 2012.

Jody Chamberlain and Kristan Corrigan, who graduated from UVM in 2007, have been friends since taking a chemistry class together.

The duo started the new personalized cake decorating business in November 2012.

The business started as only family birthday cakes, and then Òthings just started spiralingÓ into an entrepreneur business and passion, Corrigan said.

Now between their two home kitchens, Corrigan and Jody sell cakes across the regions of Vermont.

The two were also featured by WCAX in November 2012, as they gained popularity for their themed cake decorations.

Decorated goods range from cake pops to cakes and cookies with vegan, gluten-free and non-allergenic ingredients to satisfy any birthday party or other special occasion.

Their creations usually come from theme-inspired requests.

ÒMy favorite thing to do [is] any sort of theme cake that I can then accessorize with cake pops and cupcakes,Ó Corrigan said.

She said she believes that what separates them from other bakeries is the detail.

ÒEvery single thing that we put on the cake is intentional, every dot, every swirl, every color,Ó she said.

ÒWe are so big on making sure everything is as unique, perfect and detailed as absolutely possible,Ó Corrigan said.

Running a business does not come without its challenges.

Corrigan also works as a chemistry teacher in St. AlbanÕs and has three kids of her own, while Chamberlain is a senior instrument technician at Middlebury College.

Their story has motivated other UVM entrepreneurs such as first-year Jordan Labonte.

ÒI think that itÕs so inspiring that they have the opportunity to do this, and I hope that one day I will be able to start my own bakery as well,Ó she said.

ÒIf you have a huge dream, you canÕt make it about the money,Ó Corrigan said. ÒItÕs finding out what makes you happy about it and being okay with that.Ó