Class offers fast meal ideas

People from all over Burlington gathered on Sept. 19 at Healthy Living Market Cafe to gather ideas for nutritious dinners in a class called Quick, Easy, Affordable and Delicious.

The class was a demonstration led by instructor Gerda Lederer.

Lederer showed the class how to create different recipes, including fire-roasted tomato soup, homemade pizza, Mexican wraps and curried vegetables, and then offered samples of the end results.

I like demonstrating flexible meals, ideas that can be modified to fit any type of diet, she said. People normally think healthy eating is out of their price range, but thats not our attitude. We really have food for everyone.

Students were given a handout with all of the recipes included, plus additional tips for a quick and easy pantry.

All the food was delicious, Tony Dominick, a member of the cooking class, said. It was a good learning experience for me.

Allison Zlotnick, first-year student at UVM, did not attend the class but found the idea interesting.

I would love to participate in a course that would bring new foods to my dinner plate, Zlotnick said. I would like to expand my palate and a cooking class would be a great opportunity to try new foods.

One student expressed concern about the financial aspect of the classes.

I think itd be cool to learn about ways to cook healthy meals, but the classes seem too expensive, first-year Ariana Bulgarelli said.

Healthy Living offers multiple cooking classes throughout the week.

Demonstration classes are usually less expensive than hands-on experiences. Healthy Living also regularly samples the recipes made in class throughout the store. Healthy Living will be giving out free food and free samples outside the store on Sept. 30.

For more information about future classes, visit