Club Profile: Speech and Hearing Association

The UVM Speech and Hearing Association has existed on campus for several years now, but unfortunately, few UVMers know about them. Lately, the Speech and Hearing Club is making itself a presence on campus.

You may recall seeing them selling cupcakes and other desserts outside Bailey-Howe library recently.

The Speech and Hearing Association is all about hosting events to raise money and awareness for speech and hearing disabilities.

One of the things the club is looking to accomplish this year is sponsoring an event that will benefit stroke survivors.

Many people do not realize the lifelong effects strokes can have on people. It is fairly common for stroke survivors to have trouble speaking for some time after the stroke.

Also, Ethan Nelson, the club’s Vice President, told us that money is also needed to help support post-stroke speech therapy; “stroke survivors used to be able to come to Pomeroy and receive free treatment.

Due to some issues, there is not enough money to fund this anymore,” said Nelson.

The club is hoping to use some of the money they raise to help ease this transition for many patients.

The other goal they are hoping to accomplish is to send the officers to the ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) Conference this November. Officers Allie Gould, Ethan Nelson, Brenda Lovette, Amy Schneider and Lily Hughes are hoping to trek to San Diego this Fall and make UVM known at the conference.

The club has been set up by and for the Communication Sciences Department, but Nelson told The Vermont Cynic that “membership is open to anyone who is interested.”

The club is based in the Pomeroy Building on Main Street, and is under the advising of Maria Short.

Ethan also told The Vermont Cynic about a personal battle he is going to start fighting, hopefully with some help from the club: “I am going to be petitioning soon to have American sign-language classes satisfy the foreign language requirement here on campus.” ASL is a real language, and many people agree that it is time our university recognize this.

The Speech and Hearing Association is in the process of becoming well known on campus, “while we are still in a growth stage, good things are happening thanks to our President, Allie Gould and our advisor, Maria Short,” said Nelson.

For more information on UVM’s Speech and Hearing Association, contact Ethan Nelson at [email protected]