Community gather to celebrate, share herstory

Anna Power, Staff Writer

Men and women gathered in Waterman to celebrate ordinary women for the Herstory event.

UVM Program Board hosted Herstory for Women’s History Month March 19.

Event coordinator junior Flannery Mehigan said that Herstory focused on women who have shaped history but generally aren’t celebrated.

“We often just think about famous women rather than the women in our own lives that have impacted us and shaped who we are,” Mehigan said.

Discussion leaders sat at each table.

One of the discussion leaders was Sarah Mell, Women’s Center education and outreach coordinator.

Mell said that discussion often returned to how women are continuing forces of creation and change.

“We are birthed into the world by a woman and then women also help us become the next incarnation of ourselves — our better and best selves,” she  said.

People shared how even the seemingly ordinary women have made an impact.

All too often women’s voices are silenced, so it’s important to highlight the impressions they make, Mehigan said.

Women’s History Month celebrates the contributions that women have made to our nation by exploring their stories, according to the Women’s History Month website.

Herstory tried to mirror that goal, Mehigan said.

“Affinity spaces that focus on one type of identity are empowering, particularly if it’s an identity that has been historically marginalized,” Mell said.

Senior Delaney Row said she valued the intimacy and influence of the discussions.

“This event gave me an opportunity to see others’ personal value in important women in their lives,” Row said.

Women’s History Month is an opportunity to both celebrate and progress, Row said.

“It’s important to remind ourselves how far we have come but also how much more we need to do,” she said.

Storytelling plays a key role in our daily lives, Mell said.

“Ideally, as with any history month, we would celebrate women year-round,” Mell said. “It’s a springboard to start thinking about how we do or don’t make space for certain identities in our storytelling on a daily basis.”