Connor Daley: man behind the emails

One could imagine a day in the life of SGA President Connor Daley is littered with stress, meetings and classes no different than other UVM student.

But while Daley, a junior, is perhaps best recognized by his periodic emails to the student body, few students know the real Connor Daley, the one who goes to bed way too early and craves disco music.

DaleyÕs roots are based in a small Vermont town called Lyndon where he lives with his parents, his brother Cameron and golden retriever.

He said he came to UVM not only because his favorite colors are green and gold, but also to get his fix of Vermont skiing.

ÒNot a lot of people know IÕm a big cross country skier,Ó Daley said.

The SGA president said that athletics have helped get him through a lot of stressful situations his title presents.

He said he uses cross-country skiing, running and roller skiing as ways to relax in his demanding position.

He said this love for endurance sports came from watching his favorite athlete, Norwegian cross country skier and two-time Olympic champion Petter Northug.

And thatÕs not his only idol.

On the higher education end of the spectrum, Daley said he would be satisfied if he could one day have a job similar to Vice President of Executive Operations Gary Derr.

ÒHe is one of the nicest people at the University,Ó Daley said.

Daley described Derr as someone who Òknows everythingÓ about UVM and was involved with decision-making in all areas of the administration.

He said he strives to be in a staff position where he can help influence quality decisions in a higher education institution like Derr.

In general, Daley said he enjoys good relations with many top administrators.

ÒItÕs good to have friendly and cordial relations, but they know my job and I know theirs,Ó he said.

A recent example of this was a conversation he had with Vice President of Enrollment Chris Lucier where the two shared conflicting opinions on the UniversityÕs initiative to decrease enrollment and increase selectivity.

ÒWe had a heated discussion about it,Ó Daley said. ÒAnd then we talked about brewing beer, since we both homebrew.Ó

Despite his proximity to the administration, Daley said his true loyalty lies with the students he serves.

He said one of the best parts about his job as president is arguing on behalf of student interests.

ÒThe best examples of student advocacy last year had to do with making the process for the [Living/Learning Center] mural more democraticÉmaking career services better, and pushing for more experiential learning,Ó he said.

SGA Vice President Samantha Holland has witnessed DaleyÕs efforts first hand.

ÒConnor is a strategic thinker when it comes to leadership. He likes to a take a more proactive approach when dealing with SGA issues,Ó Holland said.

Holland also knows Daley outside of SGA.

ÒOn a personal level, Connor is a great person. HeÕs quick witted and fun to have around,Ó she said.

Daley said he is most proud of better community relations facilitated by more communication with the Burlington Police Department and the city council.

Ten years down the road, Daley hopes to be involved with higher education.

Although he considers himself a whiz for British history, he said his goal is to become a history professor at the college level.

But Daley is not all business. He said he has a secret desire to become Batman one day and loves to groove to disco music.

ÒI sometimes have a disco party by myself,Ó Daley said.