Creative study spots on campus


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It’s around noon in the fishbowl during midterms, and you’re looking for a table to sprawl all your notes for that organic chemistry test you have tomorrow.

It seems like you had the same idea as every other student on campus, and so there isn’t a free table in sight.  You can’t go to the library because it “literally gives you hives.” Luckily for you, there are other perfect study spaces on campus not many people know about.

Fourth floor of the Davis Center

The Davis Center is always a good option for those days when it feels like it’s 20 below zero and you don’t want to trek downtown to study, but there are no tables in the fishbowl or chairs in the atrium.

“Everything I need is there,” junior Jerry Aviles said. “An aux cable if I want to listen to music, adapters if I want to connect my laptop to the projector, and windows to look outside which is beautiful with the snow in the winter.”

“I like studying on the fourth floor of the Davis Center because of the comfortable chairs, where I can snuggle up and read or write a paper,” sophomore Ali Gottsegen said.

“It’s often not that busy and for the most part it is quiet, but it still has some traffic,” Gottsegan said.

Billings Library

If you have all of your classes on Central Campus, a great alternative to avoid the construction and chaos of the Bailey/Howe Library is Billings Library.

“It’s really quiet,” junior Emma Archibald said. “I feel more intelligent when I sit in there because the building is so beautiful and prestigious looking.”

The historic library has a limited amount of study space, so it’s best to go early if you want a seat.



Bailey/Howe study rooms

The library can be intimidating; the first floor can get loud and the third floor is eerily quiet.  Luckily, there are study rooms students can book throughout the year, which are perfect for those late night study sessions and group projects.

You can book a room at the computer at the front desk of Bailey/Howe, or online at the library’s website. You can book one room for two or more people, up to two weeks in advance.  

Chikago Landing

Third floor of Davis Center

Also known as the mini-fishbowl, this is the perfect nook to hide away from the large crowds in the fishbowl.  It’s right next to the Marketplace, which means easy access to snacks. Also, it’s a great location for people watching.

Dana Medical Library

The Dana Medical Library is another somewhat hidden gem of study spaces. The medical library is located in the Medical Education Center, behind Rowell Hall.

“Whenever I’m there I feel prestigious,” junior Kevin O’Connor said. “It’s also super quiet and the desks have lights and outlets, which is dope.”