Davis Center employee brings culture

Each day at 6 a.m., one Davis Center employee heads to Brennan’s to add books to the shelf and find what students have left behind.

“The Book Nook was inspired by UVM students and the vision of Jacques Paul Marton, a Davis Center custodian,” according to the UVM website.

“I love seeing the books being moved and changed,” Marton said.

The Book Nook in Brennan's Pub
The Book Nook in Brennan’s Pub

The books are donated by students and the Burlington community, according to the website.

One main book donor is the Wake Robin retirement community in Shelburne, Vermont.

“There are many alumni who live in the Wake Robin senior community who are so happy to be donating books to this cause,” Marton said.

“Books are really the only way of connecting with other generations,” he said.

Marton said members of the senior center were “surprised” when he told them students still enjoy reading books.

The books are meant to be taken home – it’s encouraged, he said.

“It’s like passing on history,” Marton said.  “Those books have been loved and treasured, and now they are being donated to pass on the love for the book.”

One time he even found a love note in one of the books, he said.

“It was folded beautifully,” Marton said.

“I thought it was a comment note for me about the Book Nook, so I opened it, but it was really a note written by female student to a male student, saying that she liked him and the next time she saw him she would tell him how she felt, in person.”

The Book Nook also features student artwork.  

He loves seeing what was on the student’s mind when they were drawing and he plans on creating a gallery of all the artwork in the Book Nook, Marton said.

The Book Nook is updated and maintained by Marton.

The Book Nook in Brennan's Pub
The Book Nook in Brennan’s Pub

Marton has a love for books and wants to share his love for literature with the UVM community.

“I can just imagine the students picking up the book and looking through the pages and connecting with the history that the books have,” he said.

The Book Nook at Brennan’s will have its fifth anniversary next semester, and it’s getting a facelift.

Thanks to a long list of individuals in the UVM and Burlington community, the Book Nook will be upgrading to a 7-foot bookshelf to expand the collection and continue the tradition.   

“The Book Nook will be able to feature more books at one time instead of keeping several hundred, in waiting, in storage at the Davis Center loading dock,” Marton said.