Dining on-campus: my favorite places to go

As a junior, I’m still exploring UVM’s on-campus dining options. There are some locations that are well known and some that are hidden gems.

Classy Dining

One little, lesser-known place is the Waterman Manor.


Located on the top floor of Waterman, this fancy location is only open for three hours a day but offers fantastic views of Lake Champlain.

While the prices are on the higher side and options are limited, the food is excellent and you can use points to pay.

If You’re Off Points and On a Budget

My favorite place to grab food is the Harvest Market Cafe in the hospital.  

It can be a little hard to find, but the cafe delivers delicious food at astounding prices.  With hours from 5 a.m. to 3 a.m., you can grab a bite to eat around the clock including soups, chilis, salads and various nightly specials.

The week’s menu is posted online so you can check out what’s there before you head over.  

My favorite is the sautéed chicken with curry rice and vegetables, all of which costs less than $5.

Another good option if you’re off points is the food trucks that park on University Place. One of my favorites is Lucky Chinese food, which offers large portions of Chinese classics for low prices.

Pam’s Deli also has quite a following, offering deli sandwiches with lots of friendliness.

If You’re On Points


For those on points, there is a slew of new options with the updates to UVM dining.

Skinny Pancake is an obvious standout, as well as my favorite. The food is just as good as the popular downtown restaurant and with a carry out option, it’s the perfect stop between classes. It also offers the best eating atmosphere at UVM.

Good food is everywhere on campus, it just takes a little exploring to find your next favorite place to chow down.