Doo-dads get you through spring time slump

We’re at that strange time of year. We just had a very short spring break, and now we’re in the home stretch! Summer is only a couple of short months away. Fight the urge to run home with this great — and simple — recipe for doo-dads! Preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Mix the first five ingredients into a large container. Make sure that this large container can go into the oven. In a separate bowl mix the remaining ingredients together. Now pour this mixture over the large container of dry ingredients. Mix with a spoon, so the dry mixture is completely coated. Bake for two hours, while turning every 15-20 minutes and, voilá, you have a tasty snack that should last you quite some time! Ingredients: One large container of mixed nuts One box of Rice Chex cereal One box of cheerios One package of pretzel sticks One box of any type of cheese cracker Three cups of olive oil Three tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce One tablespoon of garlic powder One tablespoon of seasoned salt