Downtown’s Red Square makes top 25 list

Food and drink website The Daily Meal ranked the 25 best college bars in America at the beginning of the month, and students may be surprisedÑor notÑthat BurlingtonÕs own Red Square was ranked 20th.

ÒRequests flooded in with students eager to put their go-to bars on the list,Ó said Tim McGeever who works in promotions for the site. ÒNaturally, everyone has a little bias when it comes to his or her alma mater.Ó

In order to make it as objective as possible, McGeever said a point system was implemented, with establishments given a point for each of the 12 criteria they fulfilled, ranging from music and drink specials to cover charges and proximity to campus.

Red Square, located at 136 Church Street, was praised especially for its music offerings that range from local DJÕs like Craig Mitchell who spin every Tuesday to live bands that include The Dupont Brothers, Kat Wright and the Indomitable Soul Band and Something With Strings.

ÒBased on the music alone, youÕll wish you had transferred to the University of Vermont,Ó stated Daily Meal writer Lydia Mansel in her article about the list.

Sophomore Abigail Dunki-Jacobs, who works at Red Square as a server, agreed that live music was likely the barÕs main appeal.

ÒSince we have different bands every night, we can produce a vast array of musical styles,Ó Dunki-Jacobs said. ÒPlus the bartenders make some pretty stellar drinks. ItÕs fast-paced, and the most club-like bar in Burlington, which is why we get so many foreigners.Ó

Students interviewed for this article shared a mix of reactions to Red SquareÕs rankings, with some praising it for its strong drinks and late-night atmosphere, while others lamenting the weekend cover charge and drinks that cost too much (bottled beer ranges from $3.50 and mixed drinks can cost up to $11).

ÒI donÕt like it. I think itÕs over priced and attracts an older crowd,Ó said recent University of Vermont graduate Frankie Pondolph.