Enjoying each and every bite

It’s time to eat your cake and enjoy it too.

We’ve all felt that pang of guilt in our stomachs when we reach for a piece of chocolate cake.

However, a study published in a March 2014 edition of Appetite magazine may make you feel better about your favorite dessert.

Men and women were asked to share weight loss goals and whether they associated chocolate cake with guilt or celebration.

Psychologists Roeline Kuijer and Jessica Boyce of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand found that 27 percent of adults associate chocolate cake with guilt and 73 percent with celebration.

This study found people who felt guilty about eating cake had a higher body mass index and gained more weight than those who enjoyed their celebratory sweets.

In a world constantly reminding us to “eat healthy,” remember that beating yourself up over that small piece of cake may be more harmful than enjoying every bite.