Everyone is doing it: walking in when you shouldn’t

Bernadette Higgs, Staff Writer

Between cramped rooms, thin walls and the overall lack of privacy, the setup of college dorms makes it difficult to find a private space for couples to get it on.

This leads to inevitable awkward situations like walk-ins, desperate attempts to find privacy or accidental eavesdropping on intimate moments.

First-year Ailinn Santos recalled an awkward situation involving her two friends and Hannibal Lecter.

“My friends—one is a guy and one is a girl—and I were watching ‘Silence of the Lambs,’” Santos said. “When the girl ‘was scared,’they proceeded to start making out before taking it into his room.”

Santos was thrown off by the juxtaposition of cannibalism and her friends getting it on, she said.

First year Kayla has also encountered some college students who seem to have shed the boundaries of privacy, she said.

“I left my room to go brush my teeth and discovered two people, neither of whom lived in my suite, having a makeout sesh in my suite’s common room,” Kayla said.

According to Kayla, it turns out that these two people had been at a shindig in the suite next door, needed a place to make out and just went with the first empty room that they could find.

“They didn’t even stop making out,” Kayla said. “They saw me, moved to a spot in the room where I couldn’t see them and continued making out.”

To avoid awkward situations like these, Kayla goes off campus to bump uglies.

Unfortunately, she got into an uncomfortable and possibly illegal situation when she went off-campus to have some alone time with her boyfriend.

“My boyfriend came up to visit one weekend, so we were in his car when a police car pulled up next to us,” Kayla said. “I had to crouch down and hide from the cop to avoid a public fornication charge.”

Some people are not so careful when taking your pants-off dance-off to a public place.

“I saw two people getting it on in Living/Learning right in front of their open window,” sophomore Grace said. “It was right along the stretch with the Marché and Skinny Pancake.”

Eyes aren’t always needed to constitute a walk-in, sometimes hearing the dirty deed is awkward enough.

Grace and Maggie, both residents in the Wellness Environment, recall hearing their neighbors going at it at all hours of the day.

“We’ll wake up to the sound of their bed squeaking,” Grace said.

According to Maggie, they weren’t the only ones experiencing a disappointment.

“The guy doesn’t even last that long,” she said.

Likewise, sophomore Ellen recalled a time when she was cramming for an exam and the couple in the dorm above her were loudly getting busy for hours.

“In a fit of rage, I threw a book at the ceiling and yelled ‘Please stop!’” Ellen said. “Surprisingly it worked and they stopped.”