FeelGood serves sandwiches for good cause

While walking through the tunnel in the Davis Center, many have seen or smelled sandwich creations from the FeelGood kitchen, ranging from the classic “Plain Jane” with just cheese to the spicy “Finance-izzle” with hot sauce, salsa, spinach and garlic. But not everyone knows that these meals will do much more than satisfy your hunger. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised through sandwich sales at FeelGood are donated in order to reach the goal of ending world hunger in this lifetime, and students are supporting the goal. “It’s good food for a good cause,” first year Ainsley Robertson said. FeelGood has chapters on more than 20 university campuses, each of which is independent and can choose from two organizations to donate their proceeds to: The Hunger Project or CHOICE Humanitarian. Currently, the proceeds from UVM FeelGood go to The Hunger Project. The Hunger Project is a nonprofit aimed at finding a sustainable solution for world hunger through the education of women and men.  The organization focuses on areas in South Asia, Latin America and Africa, and promotes the sustainable skills needed in order to be self-reliant and meet their family’s basic needs. This particular organization is supported by the proceeds made at UVM because it “meets specific criteria that correlates to our mission,” FeelGood President Dani Hoey said. These criteria include mobilizing grassroots leadership, addressing issues of gender inequality and embracing environmentally sustainable practices. Although all of the proceeds from sales are donated to The Hunger Project, FeelGood prefers not to view their donation as charity. “We don’t like to use the word ‘charities,'” Hoey said. “We prefer to focus on partnership and recognize that we aren’t giving ‘handouts’ but rather are investing in the potential of our human family.” This is the driving spirit behind all the work that goes into making FeelGood successful on campus. As a student-run organization, FeelGood depends on student volunteers in order to make everything run smoothly. A typical week for volunteers consists of a combination of preparations and sales. Mondays are dedicated to food preparations for the first two days of sales. “Members get together to cut veggies or crumble cheese for the week,” Hoey said. After the prep the members have a general meeting to discuss the business side of the organization as well as the meaning behind their practices. Following prep work, FeelGood is open for business every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and volunteers are responsible for the sale and preparation of each sandwich. In order to volunteer, students can sign up online or show up to the general meetings. Besides the tasks of selling, prepping and coming to meetings, volunteers can help with tasks like planning events such as benefit concerts, selling apparel and finding creative ways to advertise. “What is great about FeelGood is that it is a volunteer-run organization … we rely on the motivation and passion of our members to take their own initiative and put it towards enhancing the growth of our club,” Hoey said.