Feminist teaches history of the ‘F-word’

UVM welcomed an internet celebrity to discuss feminism and sex education March 31.

Members of the UVM and Burlington community gathered in the Grand Maple Ballroom to hear feminist and sex education activist, Laci Green.  “I thought it was awesome,” first-year Julia Blanding said. “I think it proved wrong a lot of the negative stigmas toward feminism and presented what it really is — equality.”

Green is best known for hosting and creating the internet sex education show “Sex Plus,” according to the UVM Bored website. “People want to know when feminists will ‘shut the hell up,'” Green said.

“I will ‘shut the hell up’ when we stop calling women sluts, when one in four women aren’t sexually assaulted and the first question people ask isn’t ‘what was she wearing,'” she said.

Senior Tiffany Lee, an employee at the Women’s  Center, said she is familiar with Green’s videos.  “I’ve watched her videos since I can remember,” she said. “I think everything she talks about is pertinent to my life right now.”

Green’s talk, “The F-Word: The Legacy and Power of Feminism,” came during Women’s Herstory Month. Herstory Month focuses on American women of every race, class and ethnicity and the historic contributions they have made to our nation, according to the 1987 Congressional proclamation establishing the month-long event.

Sarah Warrington, director of the Women’s Center introduced Green.  “I’ve enjoyed seeing women take up space in meaningful, prominent ways,” Warrington said.

Green’s talk covered the history of feminism, its social prominence and divisions within the movement. “I’ve been a feminist my entire life, even if I didn’t always know I was,” Green said. Due to her strong web presence, Green said she has the opportunity to spread awareness about her beliefs and ideas regarding feminism.

“The Internet is democratic, accessible and shareable,” Green said. “We need to give these issues our energy and not settle for inequality.”

Senior Megan Herring said she loved Green’s talk.  “My roommate is actually the one that proposed the initial idea that she come and talk at UVM,” Herring said.

Green’s talk was made possible by the Women’s Center, Student Life and Living Well.