Find UVM’s real beauty

Three girls are on a mission to bring self-love to UVM.

UVMÕs Real Beauty Campaign is an ongoing project that strives to empower the University community to embrace and appreciate their bodies, according to their Facebook page.

ÒThe campaign and people involved have helped me realize that I should and can love myself,Ó senior Tess Romano said.

Seniors Maddie Camerlengo, Tess Romano and junior Bre Bielecki are all committee members and the backbone of the campaign.

ÒI am very much dedicated to my own journey toward self-acceptance,Ó Bielecki said. ÒI am extremely passionate about body positivity and self-love.Ó

The project started in the fall of 2012 by Michelle Leung, a senior at the time.

ÒGrowing up [Leung] was never really told she was beautiful,Ó Camerlengo said.

ÒWhen she got to UVM she wanted to set aside time and effort to empower, specifically women, to embrace their bodies and embrace the attitude of self-love,Ó she said.

The groupÕs Òmain presenceÓ is through their Facebook page, Camerlengo said.

She is the director of operations for the campaign.

The page is updated year round with articles, blogs and pictures that all promote a healthy body image.

The group also holds events throughout the year and participated in the Black Student UnionÕs fashion show in February.

Real Beauty did itÕs own Òspecial walkÓ where they encouraged people to wear whichever clothes made them feel beautiful.

ÒWe asked the audience to participate and we had almost 50 people,Ó Camerlengo said. ÒPeople jumped up and showcased their individual style. It was amazing!Ó

The beauty campaign has also held several photo shoots in which they shot photos of students and had them write down what they consider to Òbe beautiful.Ó

The images were posted around the Davis Center with the student opinions displayed underneath.

ÒMy favorite part about being part of the campaign is the fact that everyone supports and accepts one another for who they are,Ó Romano said.

The campaign has continued to grow and has shifted its focus from just women to include all gender identities, Camerlengo said.

ÒI think itÕs great,Ó first-year Lucy DeMatties said. ÒItÕs very uplifting.Ó

ÒThe campaign takes whatever form it takes, we are just there to direct it,Ó Camerlengo said.

Group members said they hope the campaign will continue to progress in the future.

There will be a general meeting April 16 at 8:30 p.m. outside Living Well in the Davis Center.