First-years reflect on their experiences

The school year will soon be coming to a close, and Kaylee Ellis and Jessica Wolfe are almost through their first year of college.

Throughout their entire first year, Ellis and Wolfe have faced challenges from living in Jeanne Mance to acing a big exam. It’s time for the final check-in before finals hit.  “Nothing too crazy happening this summer,” Ellis said. “I had a really fun spring break,” Ellis said. “I spent it in Florida with my two friends. We stayed at my grandparents’ house. The weather was super nice; we were able to go to the beach every single day,” she said.

Wolfe said that her break was quite the opposite. “I was sick for most of the week, so I spent a lot of time cuddling with my dog,” Wolfe said. “But toward the end of break, I went to go visit my friend in Northampton, Massachusetts, and we saw Odesza. It was a really good concert,” she said. The first-years also had to tackle midterms.

“I did really well on my stats and econ midterms and also got a 100 on my English paper,” Ellis said. “But my calculus exam kicked my butt.”

Wolfe said she did not have as many exams this semester. “I only had one midterm,” Wolfe said with a laugh. With warmer weather slowly starting to roll in, spring skiing is becoming a popular norm, Wolfe and Ellis said .

“Spring skiing rocks,” Ellis said. “It’s really fun to go glade skiing.”

Wolfe said she’s been doing a lot more “tree-trails.”

“I’ve also just been skiing a lot in general,” she said.

While Ellis and Wolfe said they are both happy that the weather has been getting nicer, realizing that their first year is almost over is a bit of a shock. “Our RA has a countdown to summer on her door, and we’re now only about 40 days away which is scary to think about,” Wolfe said.