First-years transition into second semester


Kaylee Ellis and Jessica Wolfe are in their second semesters at UVM at a time when ski season and frostbite temperatures are in full swing.

Living in Jeanne Mance has certainly been more difficult this semester, both students said.

With the temperature hitting low to negative numbers on a consistent basis, they said they realized getting from place to place can be a real challenge.

“We normally just go to the Grundle on Saturdays since Cook is closed, but now that it’s absolutely freezing it has been much harder to get there,” Ellis said.

Wolfe said that in addition to limited dining options, it’s also hard to rely on a bus since only the off-campus shuttle reaches Jeanne Mance.

Academically, both students said the semester is much more relaxed.

“I’m enjoying it so far,” Wolfe said.

“I’m taking classes that are more specific to my major, which makes everything more interesting,” she said.

Neither Wolfe nor Ellis have Friday classes, which they said means more free time to go skiing with their season passes to Stowe.

“A bunch of my friends have Stowe passes too, which makes it really fun,” Wolfe said. “I just started skiing again for the first time since I was 12 but I picked it back up really fast and I like it a lot.”

“A season pass and a three-day weekend for the whole semester is tons of fun,” Ellis said.

But like all things, both students said they understand that one must work hard to play hard.

“I made it on the dean’s list for my college which I think is cool,” Wolfe said.

Living in Jeanne Mance in the middle of winter has even more drawbacks than it did the first semester, but the long weekends and skiing adventures make up for it, they said.

Despite the challenges of winter and living in Jeanne Mance, Ellis said she feels relaxed.

“It’s definitely hard, but I’d say that I feel way more relaxed overall,” Ellis said.